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  1. Do you have a dog?
  2. Do you exercise with your dog off-leash?
  3. Do you consider us a viable user group that deserves open space to recreate with our animals off-leash?
  4. There are two types of dog parks- large open spaces where people can exercise with their dogs (Parley's, Memory Grove), and small neighborhood fences areas where people tend to stand around while their dogs play with other dogs (Pioneer Park, Herm Franks). Do you understand the need for both types and when each is appropriate?
  5. According to the Trust for Public Lands (source: USA Today,, nationally during the last five years dog parks were developed at a rate of 34% as opposed to all other parks which stood at 3%. Salt Lake County government has added no off-leash space in that same period of time. Salt Lake County operates only one off-leash area, Millcreek Canyon, which admittedly is a great resource. However, in light of the fast growing needs of this user group, what do you promise to do to develop more space for off-leash use of both kinds (particularly large, recreational open space) that are well distributed throughout the county?
  6. There is a small but very vocal contingent of well connected people who oppose the use of open space for off-leash recreation. There is a much larger passive group who are forced to quietly break the law due to the lack of well distributed legal off-leash space (Even you might be part of this group!). Dog walkers are an easy target for criticism. Are you willing to stand up against a vocal minority to enhance the lives of such a large group of constituents?


  1. I had several dogs growing up, a St. Bernard named Oreo, a Daschund named Bullet and a Black Lab/Doberman mix named Tasha but we do not currently have a dog. My children, especially my daughters, have asked for a dog and done some dog sitting for a neighbor. We don't feel that we are in a situation to take proper care of a dog at this time. We do not have a fenced yard and we are not home enough to give a dog the attention that they deserve. We also want to be sure that our children are old enough to take proper care of a dog.
  2. Although I do not currently have a dog, I do understand the importance of off-leash exercise.
  3. Yes, I do. The ability of concerned citizens that share a common interest to petition their government is at the very core of our system of government. I believe that you do deserve areas of open space to recreate with dogs off their leashes.
  4. Yes, there are areas, like Memory Grove, where there is ample room for dogs to run, play catch, even jump in the water for a swim. These areas are great for off leash areas because dogs can run and play and still leave adequate room for those hiking without an animal. The other important consideration is that areas have little or no automobile traffic so the risk of the dog being hit by a car or having another type of accident is minimized. The smaller fenced areas, like Pioneer Park, that are much more crowded and have a high volume of automobile traffic nearby still give dogs an opportunity to move freely (although in a much more limited space) and socialize and get exercise without the danger of running into traffic.
  5. I have family members and neighbors who receive a great deal of comfort and companionship from their dogs. Many of these people live in apartments and so they do not have large yards to allow their dogs to run. They need places to take their dogs so they can get exercise and have an opportunity to socialize. I do support both types of off leash dog parks. There are many groups and individuals all seeking different types of recreational facilities and activities. I promise to listen to F.I.D.O.S. and other interested groups to find solutions that are fair to all parties involved. There may be situation where compromise can be found as it was in Millcreek.

    As our population continues to grow and more people live in Condo's and apartments there will be even more need for off leash areas within the city. I would be open to exploring certain off leash hours at existing parks (in the early morning for example) for off leash exercise.
  6. It is unfair that a few irresponsible dog owners (like the dog in my neighborhood that keep leaving surprises for me on my lawn) make the responsible dog owners a target for criticism. As I have said before as an elected official I will listen to all parties and give all parties equal consideration. Then try to find solutions that are equitable to all parties involved.


  1. I do- I have an 8 year old Border Collie mix rescue named Ollie.
  2. Yes.
  3. I do.
  4. I understand and appreciate the need for both types of parks
  5. I will work to maintain dog parks that we currently have and will also advocate for the development of more off-leash open spaces.
  6. Yes, I support open spaces for off-leash recreation and will support those who use them.


  1. No, but I keep Trader Joe's Peanut Butter dog biscuits for my neighborhood friends and visiting pals.
  2. N/A
  3. Yes
  4. Yes, I experience them both during the day.
  5. I'm interested in a discussion about allowing off leash hours early in the morning before the parks are filled with other users (particularly kid's sports).
  6. There is a small but very vocal contingent of well connected people who oppose the use of open space for off-leash recreation. There is a much larger passive group who are forced to quietly break the law due to the lack of well distributed legal off-leash space (Even you might be part of this group!). Dog walkers are an easy target for criticism. Are you willing to stand up against a vocal minority to enhance the lives of such a large group of constituents?

    As a City Councilman, I need to look at both sides of the argument. Off leash areas are hugely controversial in the Avenues (as probably other districts). I'm certainly open to discussion and creative ideas that expand off leash opportunities.


  1. I have two dogs, Midge and Sophie, who are sister pugs. They will be 12-years old this November. We adopted them at one-year old as a ?mandatory pair?. They?re my girls in a house full of boys.
  2. My girls are getting a bit old, but I try to exercise with them off-leash when they're up to it! When they were younger we enjoyed walking the loop at Liberty Park most evenings. Now, their favorite exercise is rolling over to get a belly scratch.
  3. Absolutely. Dog-owners make up a great part of our population and convenient access to open space is important for both dog and owner. F.I.D.O.S.? emphasis on responsible dog ownership is the kind of grassroots messaging that will be effective in gaining more access to off leash and open-space recreation as opportunities for collaboration with municipalities come up.
  4. Both types of parks are important; people and their pets need options when it comes to recreation. Dogs who have a chance to get off leash, run and exert energy, generally cause fewer problems and neighborhood complaints. Neighborhood parks can allow convenient access from home, foster community, and be a good alternative to a nightly walk around the block. Large, open space for off-leash recreation areas are also important and serve somewhat a different purpose as they allow people and dogs to ?get away? from the congestion typically found in smaller parks, run or walk trails, and enjoy nature more than in the neighborhood parks.
  5. As a resident of Salt Lake County and a dog owner, I can be a supportive voice in developing off-leash space in the county. However, that will ultimately be up to Salt Lake County to decide.
  6. Part of the quality of life we enjoy here in Salt Lake City is access to recreation and open space. I don?t support breaking the law, but I do understand that we have a need?currently unmet in many areas?in access for both dogs and their owners to off-leash, open space. As a Salt Lake City Council member, I will listen to all sides who approach the conversation with civility and work to find solutions that meet the greatest needs in our community.


  1. Yes, we have a large German Shepard. Official name is Beauregard but unofficially he goes by Bozzy, Bozzal, Schuzyhound (this is some Austrian Dialect that my wife uses) among many others depending upon our moods. I don't think he has an identity crisis at least not yet. He is almost 12 so I doubt he will develop one in this late stage of life and he is showing his age
  2. Yes.
  3. Yes and absolutely YES. Remember I have a 110 pound energetic German Shepard. On leash, I wouldn't consider it taking him for a walk, more like Bozzy is dragging me along for the walk! It is not fun to have your arm pulled out of ones shoulder socket.
  4. Yes and speaking of Pioneer Park I worked to help successfully establish the dog park there when I was chair of the Downtown Community Council a few years back. Admittedly it isn't much of a dog park but it is better than nothing!

    How could one not understand the difference - this isn't an Einstein question!
  5. I think part of the issue is in fact that SLC has been developing dog parks while SL County has not, so non-residents of SLC come here to use our dog parks hence increasing user pressure on them with all of the attendant problems that causes. We can't make SL County build more dog parks but as an elected official of SLC, I can publicly advocate for them and intend too. They need to pull their weight. In addition, I have been a strong advocate for the North Jordan River Parkway (~1900 No west of Redwood Road) for almost 30 years. My strong advocacy and interest in this area resulted in myself being invited to participate in the Jordan River Riparian Restoration Plan that was held a couple of years ago. This group was brought together as a result of the Soccer Complex development that required some environmental mitigation. It has been on hold as the result of litigation but should be resolved at some point. I believe that this area could be the next very large open area that would be very compatible as an off leash dog area due to it's size. It would be a great resource for dog owners especially in the winter because it is a lower elevation so if remains free of snow more often. If elected, I intend on continuing to advocate for the appropriate development of this area including an off leash dog use.
  6. Yes I feel that one of the responsibilities of an elected official is to speak truth to power. Power in this case being well connected individuals. Another responsibility is to be an arbiter of these types of disputes and come up with fair solutions.

    With the possibility of becoming an elected official, I feel it is important to not admit to ever being a member of a passive group that is forced to quietly break the law!


  1. Not since April of 2012. Jingle Adams RIP, October 20, 1998-April 2, 2012
  2. I exercise with my grand-dog.
  3. Yes, but I think a balance is really important, because not everyone is comfortable around off-leash pets.
  4. Yes, I do.
  5. I promise to work closely with Salt Lake County to establish off-leash areas throughout the County, particularly in the south and west ends of the valley. The lack of options has meant overuse in Millcreek and Parleys.
  6. I want to try to find middle ground that gives opportunities to dog owners and to those who want dog-free areas.


  1. I don't have a dog anymore, my dog Pepper was killed by a car years ago.
  2. If I did have a dog, I would want the freedom to go outside without always having a leash on my dog.
  3. Dog owners should certainly have a place to go where they don't have to worry about being fined for having a well controlled pet off leash.
  4. I understand that free people have different ways of recreating, makes sense to me!
  5. I believe I can only operate within the proper function of government if elected, therefore, if public lands have rules which respect the rights of the people (which I believe includes allowance for pets provided that owners are respectful). The best way to ensure land is well cared for and that it's use is under the control of it's owners. No one cares for property better than the owners. Often, when only the government owns land, the rules of it's use are not agreeable to all people involved. Therefore, I would like to see more land under private control. A privately controlled dog walk park would be a great thing to see. I believe the demand is certainly there, and would like to study why there are not more of these types of institutions available. This would avoid something called the tragedy of the commons, which is where everyone and no one owns a commodity. These things tend to not be well cared for.
  6. I believe correct principles should be followed regardless of the political consequences.